All Saints’ Park Slope

An Episcopal parish in the heart of Park Slope, Brooklyn. Sundays at 10am.

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Sunday Nov 27, 2022

"God is eternal. But God is also in every moment. Our religion holds these two truths together in tension."

Monday Nov 21, 2022

"As Christians, we are indeed citizens and resident aliens at the same time. We are residents of Brooklyn, yet our citizenship is in the kingdom of God, and our loyalty is ultimately to a very different king." 

Sunday Nov 13, 2022

"Jesus doesn’t tell us these about these horrible things to scare us. He tells us about them because they are real. So the question isn’t: how do I avoid them? It’s: what helped me endure for the last 6 years—and what will help me endure for 6 more?"

Sunday Nov 06, 2022

"Sainthood isn’t a solo venture. It’s a collective event. Your sainthood contributes to the saintliness of the fellowship, and the fellowship enfolds you in its holiness."

Thursday Nov 03, 2022

“As we remember our loved ones tonight, perhaps we can sense how very thin is the veil that separates us. Perhaps we can sense the luminosity of their spirits, like sparks in the stubble, like candles in the night.”

Sunday Oct 30, 2022

"Throughout his life, Zacchaeus had only ever known scarcity, and maximizing his own personal profit at the expense of everything else. And then he met Jesus." 

Sunday Oct 23, 2022

"Humility is something that only people who are secure in themselves can accomplish."

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

"It’s remarkable that in 2022 we still treat women with husbands differently from women without husbands. But Jesus sees the strength in you, lifts you up, and encourages you to be persistent."

Sunday Oct 09, 2022

"And if we are unsettled spiritually in what can feel like a strange land, it is for the better, because we have seen a glimpse of the world as it should be beyond the one which is." 

Monday Oct 03, 2022

"Isn’t it amazing that God chooses to communicate with us not just in grand gestures, but also in the tiniest seeds of faith?"


Welcome to All Saints' Church

 Our parish has been part of the fabric of Park Slope since 1867. For more than 150 years, generations of people have come to this place for renewal, comfort, and a deeper knowledge of God.
As an Episcopal parish, All Saints’ Church is part of the global Anglican Communion, the third-largest body of Christians in the world. Anglicans everywhere look for God in the abundance and diversity of creation, strive to respect the dignity of every human being, and hold fast to faith in Jesus Christ. Because much of our particular tradition emerged in a time of conflict and strife, we value communion over dogma, welcome over boundaries, and the irrepressible love of God revealed in Jesus Christ.
If you are looking for a church home, have questions about the life of faith, or are simply curious about what we’re up to here, we would love to get to know you better. Please sign our guest register at the back of the church and introduce yourself to a member of the congregation, or if you've found us online, please introduce yourself here. We hope you will always find All Saints’ Church to be a place of warmth and welcome.

God bless you.

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